Cuban League Websites

2007cartoonFor those fans of international leagues (or for anyone interested in staying abreast of what is going on in Cuba, baseball-wise) there are currently three excellent websites emanating from the island. The official league website is located at and labelled as the "Federation Cubana de Beisbol Aficionado" webpage. It contains current stories on league happenings from a number of Cuban media outlets, as well as links to other Cuban sites carrying baseball news (e.g. the government newspaper Granma, or other Cuban newspaper sportspages such as those of the daily Juventud Rebelde). This site is maintained by the government sports ministry (INDER) and the league commissioner’s office. It is also a good source for stats from the current Cuban League National Series season, as well as a wealth of historical material and photographs.

RADIO COCO (one of Havana’s leading radio stations) maintains two excellent Cuban League sites as well, the first ( being billed as the "Official Website of the National Sport" and maintained in cooperation with INDER. This site currently features numerous stories and updates on the coming Summer 2007 appearances of the Cuban National Team in three important international tournaments: the July Pan American Games in Brasil, the August World Port Tournament in Rotterdam, and the World Cup XXXVII matches scheduled for Taiwan in mid-November.

Radio COCO’s second site ( is a new addition still under construction (but you can open the home page). It replaces the now defunct INDUSTRIALES team website earlier maintained by the same media outlet. This third site will be the most elaborate of the three and will carry numerous items on Cuban baseball that reach far beyond the Cuban League National Series. In addition to national team coverage, there are also stories and stats on the lower level provincial tournaments, the developmental league (Cuba’s version of the minor leagues), and the various national youth leagues and national junior teams. You can also get to this site by entering my own webpage ( and clicking the first QUICK LINK in the upper right-hand corner of the Home Page.

Together these sites provide a wealth of current information. All that is required is an ability to read Spanish–not a very large obstacle for most "aficionados" of Latino baseball. There is one necessary warning here, however. In this land of "freedom" and supposed unlimited access here Stateside, the Cuban websites are unfortunately jammed in much of the State of Florida and therefore unavailable to fans of Cuban baseball. (The exception in the site, since its .com adress seems to trick the righteous Miami Cuban jammers. But these sites are easily accessible elsewhere throughout the USA.

I can’t resist commenting here that those Cubans who have internet access on the island–which is far more an economic than a political restriction–have no difficulty in accessing major league baseball websites. It all makes one wonder who is living under information tyranny–the citizens of Havana or the residents of Miami. But enough of politics. Access the Cuban sites and discover a novel and exciting world of diamond information beamed directly from a long-mysterious corner of the baseball universe.



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