Cuban League Websites Update

UrrutiacocoSince my original posting about Cuban League websites about a month ago, both main league websites have undergo redesign and (in one case) an address change. The USA-based league website ( has a new and exciting look and remains an especially valuable resource for Florida-based followers of Cuban baseball since its .com address (unlike .cu addresses) is not being jammed in the Florida area and thus remains accessible here in the "land of the free". The newly revamped Radio COCO site has a beautiful new design and features considerable information on Cuban national team players not found in other locations. This site now has a new address ( and infortunately is not available in the Florida region of the USA where baseball information out of Cuba is still being censored for political reasons. But fans elsewhere in the US can open the cite, which is an especially valuable source this summer and fall with Pan American Games (July 14-19), World Port Tournament (August 2-12) and World Cup XXXVII (November, Taipei) events on the horizon. This site will be the best source for fans of international baseball wishing to follow this year’s major world tournaments. Both Cuban League sites can also be reached by links found on my website at


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