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Bjarkmanarchive_3 With the 2007 World Cup event on the horizon in Taiwan (November 6-18) and a new Cuban League season soon to start (National Series XLVII, opening December 2 and running through April), readers interested in Cuban baseball action can now follow the Cuban League scene on the USA-based "official" league website (the best available), found at My own columns (in English) appear regularly on this site and provide updated information and opinions on both the league pennant races and the international triumphs of the world champion Cuban national team. Some of my columns on that site have appeared first on this blog, yet others have not. The BASEBALLDECUBA website also provides a wealth of historical detail about the Cuban League and intriquing historical video clips for download. Last spring the site also offered live video feed from Cuban television of the league championship playoff games between Industriales (Havana’s favorite team) and Santiago de Cuba (2007 champions). Spanish readers can also enjoy the insightful columns and news reports of webmaster Ray Otero, or pursue the special pages devoted on daily reports on this years Pan American Games in Rio (July), World Port Tournament XI in Rotterdam (August) and World Cup XXXVII in Chinese Taipei (November). The BASEBALLDECUBA site will also soon have a full English-language page up and running and linked to the main website.


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