World Cup Action Opens Tonight in Chinese Taipei

This blog has been silent of late since I have been on the road in Havana during the past week, a visit which included an appearance on Radio COCO for a live roundtable discussion of the upcoming National Series season, a visit with several Cuban National Team stars before their departure for Taipei and World Cup XXXVII, and attendance at the finals of the Cuban Developmental League (Cuba’s highest-level minor leagues). But now we swing back into action with the opening of World Cup XXXVII in Taiwan, where Team Cuba shoots for its tenth consecutive world championship and 26th in 29 entries at the showcase event.


Action opens tonight and can be followed in detail on our website at, where the visitor will find not only my daily English-language summaries of tournament events but also live video webcasts of most tournament games (including all the contests involving Team Cuba). Tonight’s game is the highly anticipated Cuba-Australia match at 11pm EST. For those desiring a truer dose of "Cuban baseball flavor" the site will also carry live radio broadcasts of all Cuban games from Havana’s Radio Rebelde, featuring Piti Rivera and Roberto Pacheco (the long-time radio voices of Cuban League baseball). Open the site on your laptops and desktops and let the game begin.


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