Cuba League Season Opens December 2 with New Internet Outlets

Ciegowallpaper_2 The huge centerfield scoreboard of Candido Gonzalez Stadium in Camaguey reflects the simpler and more colorful veneer of Cuban League baseball.

While most stateside ballfans must now resign themselves to the endless media focus on the Barry Bonds trial, or to the final violent outbursts of an absurd native ritual known as "American" football, Caribbean region fans are now set for the first tosses and swings of winter and the opening of still another round of the island national pastime as played Hispanic-style. A new Cuban League season (National Series #47) opens on December 2 (Sunday) with the traditional pairing of last spring’s league finalists–this time around Havana Industriales and Santiago de Cuba. All 14 other league teams swing into action on Tuesday, December 4, in a 90-game season that will stretch on to early April. For those of you interested in following every twist and turn of baseball’s most colorful circuit, you can do so on Havana’s RADIO COCO website page devoted to National Series #47 (the link is This page will provide daily standings, numerous photos, some radio game broadcasts, up-to-the-minute news, comprehensive team and individual stats, and daily and weekly analysis (in both Spanish and English) from a team of commentators that includes this present author.

Detailed Cuban League season coverage will also be available from our USA-based website (with Spanish and English pages) at If you enjoyed the coverage of the recent IBAF World Cup (the most comprehensive World Cup reports found anywhere), then you will not be disappointed with the thoroughgoing Cuban League coverage provided by the same fascinating site. Due to the jamming of Cuban websites in the State of Florida, the RADIO COCO site unfortunately will not be an option in the Miami area, but the latter baseballdecuba site is readily available anywhere around the globe. Tune in and see what non-commercial baseball is actually like–without exploding scoreboards, pitching changes sponsored by Valvoline, or thinly disguised shopping malls masquerading as ballparks. Follow the best unknown diamond stars in the world and join this author as he nchronicles the pennant-race fortunes of his own favorite ballclub–the Gallos (Roosters) of Sancti Spiritus.


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