New English Web Page at is now featuring an all-English-language page for fans of Cuban League baseball who don’t read Spanish and yet wish to follow every detail of the new Cuban League season. National Series #47 opened on Sunday and the 90-game regular season will stretch through early April. Video highlights of Sunday’s opening game (Santiago 6, Industriales 3) are only one of the many features found on the new English-language page. Just open the main site for (above) and then click on the link for the English page in the upper right corner of the top bar. My weekly columns on the Cuban League pennant race are all available here, as well as on the main Spanish-language home page on our Official Cuban League Website. And for those of you outside of the state of Florida (where Cuban internet sites are still being jammed) there is also a new English language page available from the most impressive Havana-based Cuban League site. Make sure to check out the Radio COCO Cuban League page, which actually has more colorful graphs and videos available (on both its Spanish and English pages) than anything currently found on And it is all pure baseball news, without a single commercial advertisement anywhere in sight.


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