Follow Beijing’s Olympic Tournament from Both Cuban and American Perspectives


Olympic baseball opens late in the evening on Tuesday, August 12 (New York time, as it will actually be Wednesday mid-morning Beijing time) with the Netherlands and Chinese Taipei squaring off in the opening tournament match-up. Those wishing to follow all the action for Team USA can do so by accessing the excellent USA Baseball official team website found at The Americans will be attempting to recapture the lost glory of their single Olympic triumph at Sydney in 2000, while at the same time hopefully washing away the stinging embarrassment of being shut of the 2004 Athens Games. Team USA ranks as one of the clear tournament favorites, along with Japan (featuring a crack team of Japanese Pacific League all-stars) and Cuba (winners of three of the previous four official Olympic baseball championships).

To follow the tournament from a slightly different perspective the reader can also turn to what we believe is the most complete and data-packed Olympic baseball webpage–the one offered by our Cuban League site at That page will feature thorough Olympic game reports and daily columns of analysis by both this author (in English) and web host Ray Otero (in Spanish). There will also be plenty of video replay, a ton of game-action photos, full Olympic baseball history recaps, and other special game-day features. To set the record straight, I will be reporting from my officie in Indiana (after watching each Cuba game on live television feed) and will not actually be on the scene as I was during the last two months for the Haarlem Baseball Week (Holland) and Jose Huelga Memorial Tournament (Havana). I will, however, be in direct contact via email with several members of the Cuban delegation (including both press delegates and ball players), as well as a number of my colleagues who will be following the games from Havana. Therefore I do promise visitors to our site a wealth of detailed “inside” information and analysis concerning Team Cuba not found in anything approaching the same depth on other Olympic baseball websites. Log on and be both surprised and entertained.


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