World Baseball Classic Website Now Ready for Viewing

BBCClasicoBanner2.jpgWith the second edition of the much-awaited World Baseball Classic now only days away, we have launched our special “Clasico” website page (English and Spanish coverage) on A direct link to our state-of-the-art WBC page is This is the site to open for the most complete coverage of the entire event, especially from the standpoint of Latin American teams, and defending runner-up Team Cuba in particular.

For readers of Spanish interested in the Cuban perspective on the Classic, the following special WBC sites are also now up and operatiing

Prensa Latina at

The Cuban Baseball Federation at

Havana’s Radio Rebelde at

Granma (newspaper) at

Juventud Rebelde (newspaper) at

I will next be checking in from Foro Sol Stadium in Mexico City at the end of the week. 


One comment

  1. Chris

    Good Luck to Cuba in the 2009 World Baseball Classic but I’m still cheering for the Americans. Are there any Major Leaguers on the Cuban team? I’m not quite sure.

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