Mr. Redlegs “Red Letter Daze” Interview Now Available

Mr. Redlegs.jpgA three-part in-depth interview detailing my reactions to the recent signing of top Cuban League prospect Aroldis Chapman by the Cincinnati Reds has now been posted in its entirety on the highly entertaining Cincinnati Reds Fan Forum blog site. For those wishing to visit the entire interview, the links for the three segments are as follows:

Part 1: Baseball on the Island


Part 2: Cuba’s Rich Baseball Culture 


Part 3: Aroldis Chapman, the Pitcher


ChapmanCincinnati.jpgThe entire interview is also now available on our Cuban League website found at The interview will hopefully tell you something about Chapman as an MLB prospect, but also displays a good deal about Cuba’s baseball scene, and even reveals something about the author’s own two-decade involvement with the island’s extensive baseball culture.


One comment

  1. dorasaga

    Hi, I’ve been following your posts for three years now. Thanks for sharing your logical dissections and precious knowledge; even nicer job sharing about yourself and your credentials on the Enquirer.

    I found out a problem among general fans. We’ve been claiming a “common knowledge”: Caribbean youngsters, with help from their buscones, always forge their age, to obtain a better contract.

    This actually needs some proof, especially for Cuban players. My question is: Had Cuban players, whether those who left the island or those who stayed, forged their age? And why?

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