Complete Listing of Cuban Playoff MVP Award Winners

Supplementing yesterday’s posted listing of Cuban League MVP winners over the years, here is the complete list of the league’s post-season “Most Valuable” honorees. This award began in 1986, the first season in which the Cuban League decided its champion with a year-end playoff system.

PCB-MayetaMVP.jpgThe author with two-time Industriales playoff MVP Alexander Malleta (Havana, 2007)

Cuban League Post-Season Most Valuable Players (1986-2010)


1985-86 (NS#25) Agustín Marquetti (Industriales) First Base

1986-87 (NS#26) Rogelio García (Vegueros) Pitcher

1987-88 (NS#27) Omar Ajete (Vegueros) Pitcher

1988-89 (NS#28) Ariel Cutiño (Santiago de Cuba) Pitcher

1989-90 (NS#29) Jorge Luis Valdés (Henequeneros) Pitcher

1990-91 (NS#30) Jorge Luis Valdés (Henequeneros) Pitcher

1991-92 (NS#31) Leonardo Tamayo (Industriales) Pitcher

1992-93 (NS#32) Victor Mesa (Villa Clara) Outfield

1993-94 (NS#33) Rolando Arrojo (Villa Clara) Pitcher

1994-95 (NS#34) Jorge Luis Toca (Villa Clara) First Base

1995-96 (NS#35) Lázaro Valle (Industriales) Pitcher

1996-97 (NS#36) Pedro Luis Lazo (Pinar del Río) Pitcher

1997-98 (NS#37) José Ariel Contreras (Pinar del Río) Pitcher

1998-99 (NS#38) Norge Luis Vera (Santiago de Cuba) Pitcher

1999-00 (NS#39) Fausto Alvarez (Santiago de Cuba) Outfield/DH

2000-01 (NS#40) Norge Luis Vera (Santiago de Cuba) Pitcher

2001-02 (NS#41) Oscar Gil (Holguín) Pitcher

2002-03 (NS#42) Antonio Scull (Industriales) First Base

2003-04 (NS#43) Enríque Díaz (Industriales) Second Base

2004-05 (NS#44) Ormari Romero (Santiago de Cuba) Pitcher

2005-06 (NS#45) Alexander Malleta (Industriales) First Base

2006-07 (NS#46) Alexei Bell (Santiago de Cuba) Outfield

2007-08 (NS#47) Rolando Meriño (Santiago de Cuba) Catcher

2008-09 (NS#48) Miguel Alfredo González (Habana Province) Pitcher

2009-10 (NS#49) Alexander Malleta (Industriales) First Base



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