Complete Listing of Cuban Rookie-of-the-Year Winners

To finish the summaries started on this site two days ago, included here is a full listing of Cuban League (National Series) Rookies of the Year. This award was not presented during the first five seasons of National Series play, and was later (on only two brief occasions) split into Eastern and Western league winners. The list below updates and corrects an earlier version of Top Rookies I present more than a year ago in a column published on

PCB-YGomezRookie.jpgThe author with 1998 Rookie-of-the-Year Yasser Gomez, who won the award while debutting for cross-town Havana rival Metropolitanos. Gomez and 2000 winner Yoandy Urgelles were both switched to the Industriales roster after their eye-catching debuts for Metros, a tendency which suggests that this year’s winner Yusel Amador will likely also find himself wearing a Blue Lions uniform during National Series #50.

Cuban League National Series Rookies of the Year (1967-2010)


1962-62 (NS#1) Not Awarded

1962-63 (NS#2) Not Awarded

1963-64 (NS#3) Not Awarded

1964-65 (NS#4) Not Awarded

1965-66 (NS#5) Not Awarded

1966-67 (NS#6) Arturo Linares (Occidentales) Outfield

1967-68 (NS#7) Rodolfo Puente (Habana) Infield

1968-69 (NS#8) Armando Sánchez (Matanzas) Outfield

1969-70 (NS#9) Amado Zamora (Villa Clara) Outfield

1970-71 (NS#10) Heriberto Arboláez (Las Villas) Infield

1971-72 (NS#11) Pedro Jova (Azucareros) Infield

1972-73 (NS#12) Roberto Ramos (Azucareros) Pitcher

1973-74 (NS#13) Pedro José Rodríguez (Azucareros) Third Base

1974-75 (NS#14) Eduardo Terry (Citricultores) Pitcher

1975-76 (NS#15) Eladio Iglesias (Metropolitanos) Pitcher

1976-77 (NS#16) Lourdes Gourriel (Azurcareros) Outfield

1977-78 (NS#17) José Riveira (Villa Clara) Pitcher

1978-79 (NS#18) Alejo O’Reilly (Villa Clara) Outfield

1979-80 (NS#19) Reinaldo López (Industriales) Pitcher

1980-81 (NS#20) Rolando Verde (Industriales) Third Base

1981-82 (NS#21) Jorge Millan (Metropolitanos) First Base

1982-83 (NS#22) Rafael Gómez Mena (Metropolitanos) Pitcher

1983-84 (NS#23) Rolando Arrojo (Citricultores) Pitcher

1984-85 (NS#24) Eddy Rojas (Villa Clara) First Base/Outfield

1985-86 (NS#25) Buenafé Nápoles (Camagüey) Pitcher

1986-87 (NS#26) Alexis Cabrejas (Industriales) Outfield

1987-88 (NS#27 (Occidental League) Alexander Ramos (Isla de la Juventud) Infield

1987-88 (NS#27) (Oriente League) Teofilo Pérez (Camagüey) Pitcher

1988-89 (NS#28) (Occidental League) Dessy Lomba (Cienfuegos) Pitcher

1988-89 (NS#28)  (Oriente League) Idalberto Castillo (Granma) Pitcher

1989-90 (NS#29) Rubén Rodríguez (Santiago de Cuba) Pitcher

1990-91 (NS#30) José Lamarque (Holguín) Outfield

1991-92 (NS#31) (Occidental League) René Espin (Metropolitanos) Pitcher

1991-92 (NS#31) (Oriente League) Jorge Díaz Olano (Villa Clara) Infield

1992-93 (NS#32) Vaisel Acosta (Matanzas) Outfield

1993-94 (NS#33) Reinier Capote (Pinar del Río) Shortstop

1994-95 (NS#34) Larry Rodríguez (Habana Province) Pitcher

1995-96 (NS#35) Areal Sanchez (Villa Clara) Pitcher

(T) 1996-97 (NS#36) Maikel Quintero (Industriales) Pitcher

(T) 1996-97 (NS#36) Michel Abreu (Matanzas) First Base

(T) 1997-98 (NS#37) Yasser Gómez (Metropolitanos) Outfield

(T) 1997-98 (NS#37) Ismael Cortina (Pinar del Río) Pitcher

1998-99 (NS#38) Norlis Concepción (Las Tunas) First Base

1999-00 (NS#39) Yoandry Urgellés (Metropolitanos) Outfield

2000-01 (NS#40) Pedro José Rodríguez, Jr. (Cienfuegos) Infield

2001-02 (NS#41) Kendry Morales (Industriales) Infield

2002-03 (NS#42) Yordanis Samón (Granma) First Base

2003-04 (NS#43) Frank Montieth (Industriales) Pitcher

2004-05 (NS#44) Yadier Pedroso (Habana Province) Pitcher

2005-06 (NS#45) Alberto Soto (Granma) Pitcher

2006-07 (NS#46) Raiko Olivares (Industriales) Infield

2007-08 (NS#47) Yosvany Pérez (Villa Clara) Pitcher

2008-09 (NS#48) Michel Gorgüet (Guantánamo) Infield

2009-10 (NS#49) Yusel Amador (Metropolitanos) Outfield


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