Cuban League’s “Historic” Golden Anniversary Season

NS#50.jpgAfter a summer of exciting international tournament competitions, actual national championship play has opened once again on baseball’s enchanted island. The new season–the fiftieth renewal of the Cuban National Series–has already witnessed a number of most noteworthy events during its inaugural week, including all of the following:

1- The return of national team star Frederich Cepeda to the Sancti Spiritus roster, punctuated by a pair of Cepeda homers in the Gallos’ opening two contests.

2- Four consecutive home-turf losses for the Cuban League’s popular defending champions, the island-wide fan-favorite Industriales Blue Lions.

3- Unveiling of newly imported Vietnamese-made scoreboards (featuring a purported savings on electicity consumption and eye-catching artwork) in five Cuban Stadiums: Lationamericano (Havana-Industriales), Jose Huelga (Sancti Spiritus), Nguyen Von Troi (Guantanamo), Guillermon Moncada (Santiago de Cuba), and Agusto Cesar Sandino (Villa Clara).


LatinoScoreboard.jpg4- A rare triple play turned by the Guantanamo infield in a contest with Ciegto de Avila.

And perhaps best of all for Stateside, European and Asian fans, we have inaugurated an entirely new and revamped website design at, featuring many improvements and added features. Once again our site boasts its popular up-to-date stats, photos, box scores, game reports, news items and opinion columns. And we again will be carrying a full slate of live (and tape delayed) games from both Cuban radio and Cuban television feeds. It’s winter here in the USA, which means once again baseball at its very best, so tune in and follow all the action of what promises to be a truly historic season.


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