How Do Cuban League and MLB Records Stack Up?

How do milestone hitting and pitching feats in Cuban League baseball actually stand up against great individual achievements in the the majors. Sceptics will of course tell you that Osmani Urrutia’s five-season string of batting above .400 (2001-2005) or Urrutia’s single-season record .469 BA are not worthy of comparison, since Cuban seasons are shorter and Cuban pitching is likely not up to big league standings. But what about Faustino Corrales striking out 22 batters in a nine inning game; no MLB pitcher has ever matched that number. Or what about Ibrahim Fuente’s string of 14 consecutive base knocks, surpassing the 12-hit big league mark of Walt Dropo? And has anything on a big league diamond ever been comparable to Alexei Bell’s pair of grand slam homers in the opening inning of the season (2009), or the same Bell’s two-homer inning and three-hit inning in two separate post-season contests. And for trivia lovers, how many know that there is indeed a Cuban Leaguer who once equalled Johnny Vander Meer’s previously unique feat of back-to-back no-hit, no-run games?


BjarkmanMilestones.jpgFor those who want to pursue the issue of milestone and perhaps unbreakable Cuban League batting and pitching records, the complete story (in English) is now available at Take a look and perhaps be surprised. Pete Bjarkman


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