Anthony Bourdain and “No Reservations” Visit Havana

Cuban baseball fans are in for a real treat when an upcoming episode (filmed in March and likely to air in June) of Tony Bourdain’s blockbuster Travel Channel show features an inside look at the world of Cuban baseball. This author guides Tony on a worldwind tour that opens with a stop at a Havana city youth league champion game and also includes a visit the Parque Central “Esquina Caliente” where we debate the island’s national pastime (photo below) with some of Havana’s most passionate and opinionated fans. The baseball segment of the episode culminates with a visit to Latin American Stadium where we interview Industriales manager German Mesa and enjoy an on-the-field chat with veteran outfielder Carlos Tabares. And finally we take in a thrilling league game between the island-favorite Industriales ballclub and Oriente League pacesetter Ciego de Avila. It is definitely a must-see episode for all fans of winterball, or also for anyone craving an inside look at Cuba’s hidden baseball scene. (And the rest of Tony’s visit, as he samples Havana’s food and culture, is equally entertaining.) Stay tuned for exact broadcast dates.



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