“But there is no rum in baseball ……….!” (Or is there?)

You probably have to know Spanish to appreciate this one, but it is one of the better linguistic errors of recent times. An article on yesterday’s Radio COCO website from Havana carried the following headline : “Cuba da no hit no rum a Indonesia

"But there's no rum in baseball!"


The article refers to a no-hitter tossed by the Cuban team vs Indonesia in the current juvenile (15-16 year old) baseball championships occurring in Mexico. It is of course supposed to say “Cuba gives no hit no run game to Indonesia” but you see the obvious typo/misspelling here, not unusual in Spanish speech where there is sometimes m/n confusion in final position. So we get here “Cuba gives no hits and no rum to Indonesia” which is especially funny because this was a youth tournament game. The Spanish word for rum of course is “ron “ (pronounced “rhone” like the region in France). The reporter meant to write the expression “No hit, no run” which is regularly used in Cuba (like so many baseball terms) in its English form and not in a Spanish translation (“juego sin hit y sin carreras”). (I wonder if the Cuban kids simply kept all the rum for their own post-game celebration.)


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