Ups and Downs of Cuban Prospect Yoenis Cespedes

I’ve been receiving numerous requests for my evaluation of Cuban outfielder Yoenis (sometimes Yoennis) Cespedes as a legitimate major league prospect. That evaluation is now available for all to see on

For a direct link to the article click here:


  1. Billy Fan (@chicagointaipei)

    Professor, I’m feeling the pain when you said there’s a precipitous dip in pitching talent. I still remember when the Great Lazo took an interview for the internet Stadeo TV (people can still find it there) during the World Cup 2007. Lazo basically said he will retire and let young ones take his place in the National team and have an opportunity to play. It must hurts him somewhat that after two years of that statement, he was still playing for the National team, while there’s no one available to take over. Cuban baseball and its isolationist policies had failed him. I really hope they can at least play the Winter League and face some of the better talents from around the World in more than a 7-game series (like most tournaments). I know the economy is bad on the island as well, and I don’t know what else to say to this difficult situation pounding Cuban baseball. +Billy

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