Ismel Jimenez Shows Cuba Also Boasts Solid Pitching

With so much focus in recent weeks on the slugging of Alfredo Despaigne and Jose Dariel Abreu, and the new career base hits record by Enriquito Diaz, it has almost gone unnoticed that Sancti Spiritus hurler Ismel Jimenez has now upped his season’s record to 15-5. After his 2-0 victory today versus Camaguey, Jimenez may be looking at three more starts in the season’s three remaining weeks. With just two more wins he can post the highest single-season victory total of the past decade and the fourth highest in National Seriers history. Jimenez also paced the circuit last season, but with only 13 victories.

Gallos ace Ismel Jimenez is enjoying one of the best pitching seasons of the past decade.

The previous highest win totals for pitchers in the Cuban League National Series are as follows:

Jose Ibar (Habana Province) 1998 (NS#37) 20

Braudilio Vinent (Serranos) 1973 (NS#12) 19

Jose Ibar (Habana Province) 1999 (NS#38) 18

Julio Rojo (Habana) 1968 (NS#7) 18

Norge Luis Vera (Santiago de Cuba) 2000 (NS#39) 17

Santiago “Changa” Mederos (Habana) 1969 (NS#8) 17

Rolando Macias (Azucareros) 1969 (NS#8) 17

The best single-season win-loss total remains the 15-0 perfect ledger posted in 2008 (NS#47) by Yulieski Gonzalez of Habana Province.


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