Cuban League National Series #52 Schedule Released

For the many who have recently been inquiring via emails and my Facebook page, the 2012-13 Cuban League schedule has now been released and a full schedule of games — available team-by-team — is now available on our website at Just link to the CALENDARIO bar at the top of the page.

It should be noted that the league launches a new format this year which involves a two-part season divided by a six-week break for the third edition of the MLB World Baseball Classic in February and early March. This break period will allow for the training of the national team and its competitions at the WBC venues in both Japan and San Francisco.

The first half of this year’s split season involves all 16 league teams and runs from late November through the end of January. The traditional league All-Star Game will be staged on February 3rd at a location to be announced sometime in mid or late January. After the lengthy mid-season break the season will resume with the top eight teams continuing to play a championship round-robin schedule of games in late March and April. Scheduling for the second half of the season thus depends on which eight teams qualify and therefore that later Calendar will not be available until sometime in early March. The CALENDARIO posted on our website is only for the first half of this year’s two part campaign. The schedule and format for a final series of playoffs in May will also be announced at the end of the regular season.

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