SABR Bio Project Provides “Hot Stove” Entertainment

Want to spice the dry Hot Stove season with some entertaining reading? (I am assuming here you are a major league fan and not a Cuban League fan devoted to watching televised ball games almost nightly on our website at Why not try some of the biographical essays on the SABR Bio Project website and learn the inside scoop on many of the sport’s true immortals as well as some of its lesser contributors (over 2000 essays now posted).

Below are links to my own SABR Bio Project essays:

Aquino AbreuPitcher del equipo AzucarerosFoto: ArchivoUbicación: 13699

AQUINO ABREU (baseball’s other double no-hit pitcher)


ZOILO VERSALLES (the first Latino big-league MVP)


PEDRO “TONY” OLIVA (Cuba’s greatest big-league batsman)


PISTOL PETE RAMOS (the master of the gopher ball)


THE CUBAN LEAGUE (the post-1962 Gold Age of Cuban baseball)


OMAR LINARES (the greatest third baseman never seen in the majors)


ADOLFO LUQUE (perhaps the biggest unjustified absence from Cooperstown)


MARTIN DIHIGO (the first Cuban in Cooperstown)


CONRADO MARRERO (MLB’s oldest living alumnus)

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