Pre-Classic Cuban Reports Direct from Havana, Cuba

A full report on my current two-week road trip around the Cuban League baseball scene is now available on our website at This latest essay/column includes a partial preview of the Cuban WBC squad, reports on my discussions with Cuban manager Victor Mesa, details of the hectic final two weeks of the Cuban League “first round” which ended on Thursday, and some recent oddities on the Cuban league scene. The link for the full article is:

The best way to follow CUBA in the upcoming World Baseball Classic is to access the special WBC page found at That webpage will be available sometime in the next couple of weeks. For those interested in regular updates on Cuban baseball and the Cuban “Classic” team, it is also that you recommended that you “friend” PETER BJARKMAN ON FACEBOOK.


Follow Pete Bjarkman’s regular reports on the World Baseball Classic Cuban national team, filed directly from Havana, Fukuoka and Tokyo.


One comment

  1. dorasaga

    Dear Prof. Bjarkman, I know this has little to do with your current research, but I’m curious if this first baseman who played well at the Caribbean Series, “Donell Linares,” is ever related to the great Omar Linares, former Cuban National Team 3rd baseman?:

    By the way, maybe someone capable English writer you know may expand the Bullpen or wikipage for Omar? He deserves better than this:

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