Cepeda and Despaigne Head Cuban Replacement Draft

Thursday night’s nationally televised Cuban League replacement player selection draft followed a five-round format and found most of the league’s eight surviving second-round ball clubs opting to fill out their expanded rosters with available pitching talent. Twenty-two of the forty selections were spent on hurlers and manager Lázaro Vargas of first-half pacesetter Industriales spent all five of his team’s selections on much-needed mound reinforcements. Runner-up Matanzas also grabbed four available pitchers from the eight eliminated league ball clubs.


Despite the preference for mound replacements, the first two individual ball players selected were slugging veteran outfielder Freddie Cepeda (Sancti Spíritus) nabbed by Artemisa, and league home run record holder Alfredo Despaigne (Granma) who will now shift his services to Santiago de Cuba. Perhaps the biggest surprise of the selection process was the total bypassing of first-half circuit home run leader Dary Bartolome (Camagüey) who failed to find an assignment for the Round Two 42-game championship schedule which begins next week.

The entire Supplemental Player Draft results were as follows:

Industriales Blue Lions (Manager: Lázaro Vargas)

Round 1: Noelvis Entenza (Pitcher, Cienfuegos)

Round 2: Vicyohandri Odelín (Pitcher, Camagüey)

Round 3: Leorisbel Sánchez (Pitcher, Cienfuegos)

Round 4: Alexander Rodríguez (Pitcher, Guantánamo)

Round 5: Elián Leyva Delgado (Pitcher, Mayabeque)

Matanzas Crocodiles (Manager: Victor Mesa)

Round 1: Yoelkis Cruz (Pitcher, Las Tunas)

Round 2: Carlos Juan Viera (Pitcher, Las Tunas)

Round 3: Lázaro Blanco (Pitcher, Granmas)

Round 4: Eriel Sánchez (Catcher: Sancti Spíritus)

Round 5: Mario Batista Hernández (Pitcher, Mayabeque)

Villa Clara Orangemen (Manager: Ramón More)

Round 1: Ismel Jiménez (Pitcher, Sancti Spíritus)

Round 2: Alaín Tamayo (Pit her, Granma)

Round 3: Yorbis Borroto (Shortstop, Ciego de Avila)

Round 4: Rudelis García (Catcher, Ciego de Avila)

Round 5: William Luis Campillo (Outfielder, Camagüey)

Isla de la Juventud Pirates (Manager: Armando Johnson)

Round 1: Ariel Miranda (Pitcher, Mayabeque)

Round 2: Yudiel Rodríguez (Pitcher, Las Tunas)

Round 3: Frank Navarro (Pitcher, Guantánamo)

Round 4: Yoelvis Fiss (Outfielder, Ciego de Avila)

Round 5: Marino Luis Márquez (Indielder, Camagüey)

Pinar del Río Vegueros (Manager: Alfonso Urquiola)

Round 1: Vladimir García (Pitcher, Ciego de Avila)

Round 2: Giorvis Duvergel (Outfielder, Guantánamo)

Round 3: Dennis Laza (Outfielder, Mayabeque)

Round 4: Yormani Socorrás (Pitcher, Camagüey)

Round 5: Roel Santos (Outfielder, Granma)

Holguín Cachorros (Manager: Orochis Bartutis)

Round 1: Norge Luis Ruiz (Pitcher, Camagüey) (Third Overall Selection)

Round 2: Yordanis Samón (Outfielder, Granma)

Round 3: Lenier Rodríguez (Pitcher, Mayabeque)

Round 4: Danel Castro (Infielder, Las Tunas)

Round 5: Guillermo Avilés Difurnó (Outfielder, Granma)

Santiago de Cuba Wasps (Manager: Luis Danilo Larduet)

Round 1: Alfredo Despaigne (Outfielder, Granma) (Second Overall Selection)

Round 2: Yander Guevara (Pitcher, Ciego de Avila)

Round 3: Alberto Soto la O (Pitcher, Granma)

Round 4: Yadir Rabi (Pitcher, Ciego de Avila)

Round 5: Yunier Mendoza (First Baseman, Sancti Spíritus)

Artemisa Hunters (Manager: Dany Valdespino)

Round 1: Frederich Cepeda (Outfielder, Sancti Spíritus) (First Overall Selection)

Round 2: Yosvani Alarcón (Catcher, Las Tunas)

Round 3: Jorge Jhonson (Outfielder, Las Tunas)

Round 4: Alexander Ayala (Shortstop, Camagüey)

Round 5: Dachel Duquesne (Pitcher, Ciego de Avila)

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