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Cuban Baseball Uniforms Collection

GourrielntbBaseball–as a game based in history and nostalgia–has its inordinate number of passionate collectors who hoard a wide variety of trinkets derived from the game. Some chase balls batted into the grandstands or over fences, many beg for signatures of worshipped ballplayers, others squirrel away cardboard images of favored athletes. It all seems to give rooters ownership of a piece of the game and to bring them a bit closer to the on-field action, present or past. My own collecting passion rests with game-worn jerseys. But not the jerseys that most ballfans might seek out. My own personal collection, amassed over the past decade, consists of more than 100 game-worn shirts from the island of Cuba and the post-revolution Cuban League. This includes national team shirts, jerseys of teams in the Cuban League itself (1960s through 2000s), and jerseys from Team Cuba in the MLB World Baseball Classic. The collection is intended for eventual donation to a projected future Cuban Baseball Hall of Fame targetted for Matanzas, the fabled birthplace of island baseball.

Details about this collection can be found on my website at www.bjarkman.com. I have also included several photo albums of prized Cuban jerseys on this blog site. I am always happy to answer questions about Cuban League and Cuban national team jerseys from fans who may be attempting to identify or authenticate particular post-1962 Cuban League game-worn uniforms. I don’t sell jerseys and I rarely buy them either, most of my collection coming directly from ballplayers and other contacts during my numerous research visits to the island.